Fitness watch finder

The Challenge

With a vision to offer a large selection of the best brands it can be confusing for the customers to find products that suit their activity best. In this case, our clients are a sports device brands that used Pickzen to help clients find watches.

The Solution

Instead of scrolling through the vast number of items available, clients can use our product finders to answer a few quick questions to guide them to the perfect product that matches their lifestyle. Not only does it provide customers with a better purchase experience, it also provides results for the company.

The Results

During the first month, on the Pulsometer landing page, the conversion rate increased by 51% and the clickthrough rate was of 6%.

On the brand category page, the conversion rate increased by 10% and the clickthrough rate was 6%.

Concurrently, we ran a AB tests to validate the results:

  • Sales (total): 69 without Pickzen, 114 with Pickzen
  • Increase: 65%
  • Conversion rate: from 2.5 without Pickzen to 3.9 with Pickzen
  • Increase: 1.4 points

As you can see, Pickzen is really helpful when it comes to finding a product with specific criteria that highly impact the usability of the product. By receiving guidance from our product finder, the clients felt more comfortable with their choice and were able to purchase knowing that product would suit their lifestyle.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you increase your conversion rate too or if you want to read more of our case studies, come visit us at or check out our Shopify page here.