Golf subscription box

The golf industry is dominated by large retailers with a strong online presence making it difficult to pick out the right products that suit a customer’s needs. Our product finder allows the experienced golfer to quickly select his or her preferences in products and receive the perfect personalized bundle.

On the other hand, as a customer new to the golfing world it can be frustrating figuring out which products to start with. The product finder asks specific questions that put the customer at ease, making his or her first experience quick and effortless. Our product uses personalization to make a hole in one!

In this case, Pickzen was used by a golf bundle company to help customers create the best bundle for them.

January Statistics:

    • Click Through Rate: 27%
    • Conversion Rate: 3.2%

As demonstrated above, the Product Finders can adapt to any customer and will help any type of demand, whether the potential client is a beginner or an expert.

By using Pickzen, the click through rate increased substantially. Also, thanks to the product finder the conversion rate increased by 3.2% by receiving more assistance and selecting the right products for each customer, the final decision was much easier and faster thus leading to a higher purchase rate.

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