Jewel gift finder

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone isn’t always easy, especially online. This jewelry client has set up thanks to Pickzen a gift finder that assists their clients in finding the perfect jewel for a gift. Since everyone is different, recommendations need to be as personalized as possible. Pickzen’s Product Finder recommends product based on what the answers to the quiz are, thus offering the best personalized recommendation.

The Challenge

Being able to provide the same premium shopping assistance online as the one in store was a challenge Jewel Street was facing: it’s difficult to provide help and counseling when you’re not facing the client.

The Solution

Pickzen was the best alternative as it helped to quickly narrow down options after a series of specific questions to the customers. Our product finder helped their clientele buy the most suitable product whilst avoiding the stress and inconvenience involved in browsing through the website for a long time.In this case, Pickzen was used for a Valentine’s day gift finder.

The quiz was used to help clients buy a Valentine’s day present, which means that most of the people that took the test were purchasing for someone else. When faced with this situation it is often complicated to know what to get, even more without assistance. Answering the quiz helped them get a better idea and understanding of what would suit the situation best and were thus more convinced of their purchase.

The Results

January statistics:

  • Clickthrough rate: 50%
  • Conversion rate: 5%

As shown from the figures, we can see that with the assistance of Pickzen, the conversion rate reached 5% in January.

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