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Once you have created your questions and added your products, you have to link question answers with products so products can be recommended (Step 3. Link products). Linking consists of categorizing each product with a corresponding answer.

By default, you will link each answer to products. However, in some cases it’s faster to select all answers that match with products at a glance. Check the Linking products to answers article for more information.

In this example, you’re recommending shoes and are asking two questions: flat or heel? and slide or thong? In this case the Link products panel would look like this:

On the left, you can see all the questions configured to recommend products .

On the right, you can see the link types for each question. By default, all link types are configured as Manual, but they can be changed to By tags and By Price:

  • Manual: You have to categorize each product manually. For example, for the question Flat/Heel you have to select the Flat or Heel flag for each shoe.
  • By rules: If you have imported your products from a tagged feed, or you have categorized them manually through attributes, the products can be auto-linked.
  • By price: You can auto-categorize products based on price ranges.

You can have different link types for each question, depending on the question behavior you’re looking for.

Note: The yellow warning icon on the right side means there’s an issue that has to be resolved. If you hover over the icon, a description will be shown:

Manual categorization

In this case, you have to select all the products that match with each answer. Click an answers and select the products:

By rules categorization

If you’ve imported your products from a tagged feed, or you have manually categorized each product through attributes, the products and answers can be auto-linked. To link this way, change the link types to By rules from the right column:

Then, click on each answer to define its rule:

In this example, we want to link all flat products to the Flat answer. Click on Simple Rule and define it:

Once done, you can see all the products that have been autoselected based on your products attributes:

By price categorization

If you have a question about price, you can automatically link it to your products through the By price link type. For example, if you have created a price slide with three answers: low, medium, high budget, it would display as:

Click Edit for each answer to set the price ranges:

With this configuration, all shoes priced between $0 and $20 are be auto-categorized as Low budget:


Filtering and sorting

By default, products are not filtered out after question is answered; instead, they are sorted. For example, if a user chooses Heel shoes, the Heel shoes will be recommended first and after them, the Flat ones. If you want to exclude the Flat ones you have to click on the filter icon for that question to enable it: