How our clients use Pickzen

As our clientele grows more and more each day, we constantly reflect on which solutions our clients are using on their websites and how they are working. By looking deeper into this, we gain valuable insight on how companies perceive us and which solutions are working best.


Our clients are primarily B2C companies, they sell products to consumers like you and me, and typically have a large selection of products to fit and satisfy any customer’s needs. However, too much choice can be distracting to the potential buyer and leave him or her confused rather than satisfied. This is where Pickzen comes in. We help online buyers find the perfect product. How? Well, I’m glad you asked:

First of all, our clients use Pickzen to create a more personalized experience for each visitor on their website.

By setting up your own pickzen, you can ask the right questions to your clients to target what they are looking for. Not only does it help them make a decision, but it gives them the satisfaction of being listened to and the feeling that the final recommendation is made for them specifically.

We’re also a good filtering system. Using our product finders, as a e-commerce store owner, you’ll be able to grasp what the potential buyer wants and find the right product for them. This is very useful when they are not completely sure of what they want to buy for themselves or for someone else.

Our product finders are also a great way to generate leads. Many of our clients ask for a name and e-mail on their recommendation screen which can allow them to establish further contact with their consumer base. It is also a great way to get feedback and organize after sales service to keep their clientele satisfied.

Furthermore, Pickzen offers more than just product finders; we also offer forms, polls, knowledge and personality tests that can help you gather valuable information on who visits your websites and purchases your goods. This data can allow you to better understand your target population, your client’s purchasing behavior and how you can react to it.

And there you have it: this is how our clients use Pickzen. If you’re ready to take the next step and improve your customer experience while driving sales and conversion, create an account and get started for free by signing up at or through our Shopify app at