Hi everyone! Today we are going to talk about customer journey optimisation. What is it? Customer journey is the end-to-end experience of your customers on your website (from the moment they arrive on your website to the moment they leave). So, the optimisation of this “journey” would be finding the aspects of this journey that could be improved and changing them in the most user-friendly way possible. In this article, we’ll show you how it’s done.


First of all, you have to find the key points of the customer journey (the moment they decide to buy an item, the moment they subscribe to your newsletter, the moment they enter their credit card details…) and identify which ones are the most “annoying” to get through. Once you’ve picked them, find a way to make them easier for the user. An easier process is a gain in time and brings less frustration and thus, happy customers!

            If you’ve made it this far chances are your customers are having an overall good experience on your website, yay! But let’s not stop here, let’s make their experience even better! Think about ways you can exceed your clients’ expectation; make them think “This is actually pretty neat”.

Don’t forget: a pleasant experience is a good impression and feeling: that’s how we humans work, if we had a good experience with something we will have a good opinion of it. Use that at your advantage, make them like you!

Sometimes, making a step easier just isn’t enough, sometimes you have to get rid of this step altogether. If there is any step that isn’t necessary, either make it automatic or don’t use it at all. Too many steps is frustrating and time consuming, we want a good time not a long time.


Last but not least, get rid of the noise! Let’s illustrate this point:

As we said, the customer journey is from the moment they arrive on the page until the moment they leave (they go from point A to point B if you will). Our objective is to make this journey as simple and pleasant as possible, we want it to go in a straight and easy line. Noise is what will disturb this path

You can use different ways to help get rid of the noise like filters and research bars for instance. Apps like Pickzen go the extra mile, we help you create a Product Finder that makes finding what your clients look for nice and easy without overwhelming them with countless options that, most of the time, won’t match their needs.

Not only will it simplify the search, it will leave a positive impression of being listened to and the satisfaction and reassurance of knowing the product they picked is the right one for them.


And tada! Here’s how you can improve your customer journey with these easy steps and tools. If you want to find out more about Pickzen, visit our Shopify page here or come check out our website at www.pickzen.com