Branching controlled by slides

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By default, slides are shown to the user in the order defined at the right of the editor:

You can change the order of the slides by dragging and dropping them in the desired order. However, there are cases where the default order is not enough.

For example, if you want to ask if the user prefers high or low heel you’ll only want this question to be asked if the previous answer was heel shoes. To set the dependency, click the  on the ‘High Heel’ or ‘Low Heel’ slide:

In this case the slide will only be shown if previously the user answered “Heel.” You can also set the opposite, and not show a slide depending on a user’s previous answer.

Finally, you can define “when” the slide will be shown. By default it is set as “According to position” meaning that it will be shown according to the order defined at the right of editor. However, it can be changed to “At the end” and “When the dependency is met”. This last setting is important when you set the slide to depend on another previous answer. In the example above, we want the question “High Heel or Low Heel” to be asked just after the user answers “Heel.”