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With Pickzen, you can measure the conversions, the product click-through, and the product click-value achieved through Pickzen.

  • Conversions: A conversion is when a user reach a confirmation page (ie. Thank you page) after receiving a recommendation from Pickzen. The confirmation page is typically the page URL where the user is redirected after making a purchase. When Pickzen detects this URL, a conversion will be counted if the user received the recommendation from Pickzen.
  • Product click-value: The total value of the recommended products that were clicked by users.
  • Conversion value: The total value of the recommended products that were present in the confirmation page. For example, if a user purchases 2 products, the conversions will increase by 1 but the conversion value will be increased by the sum of the price of the 2 purchased products. To enable this metric, please contact us as it has to be programmed ad-hoc for each eCommerce.

Configuring the confirmation page

Click on Integrations:

And configure your website:

In the panel that shows up, enter your domain and your confirmation URL fragment:

Enter your eCommerce domain (without http:// or https://) and your confirmation URL fragment. In this case, when a user visits a page that contains /order-confirmation, it will be counted as a conversion.

Reviewing conversions

To review your conversion metrics, go to the Analytics panel: