Creating from Excel

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You can upload a Excel file with your products, questions, answers, and configuration and Pickzen will automatically create your product finder. Once done, you can edit it from the Pickzen Editor in case you need further customization. Just click on the following button in your account home screen:

Please note that the automatic creation from Excel only allows creating product finders using simple logic rules. If you need more complex logic rules or automate your product finder to be updated daily from a feed, you will need to use the Pickzen Editor instead.

Here you can download a sample Excel template.

The Excel file must have three sheets:

Products sheet
This sheet will contain the products, one in each row. There are four mandatory fields: id, title, link and image and one optional: price. In order to link answers with products, you’ll need to add some other columns with the categorization of your products. Here is an example:

For example, the first product “Ansi Griffy” is categorized as “flat”, “slide” and “classic” style.

Linking sheet
This sheet will contain the questions, answers, linking to the products, and the behavior of the question. Here is an example:

In this case, we’re creating three questions. One question has 2 answers, another has 2, and the third one has 3 answers. For example, when the user answers “I prefer flat,” only the products with a “X” in the “flat” column will be recommended. When they answer “Fashion,” only the products with the value “fashion” in the “style” column will be recommended.

The behavior column is used to define the behavior of the question. When “Filter” is set, any product that doesn’t meet an answer will be filtered out. On the other hand, when “Order” is set, no products will be filtered out, and matching products will be recommended in first.

This sheet contains some settings to configure your product finder such as the title or the skin type.