Facebook Remarketing and Pickzen: An Overview

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Boost your marketing ROI by using data from your Product Finder to target new or existing customers through personalized Facebook Ads.

The increasing competition among e-commerce websites means that users are browsing through multiple websites in order to fully understand their options before coming to a conclusion on what to buy. Often times, people will even forget about the websites they’ve visited, and a product they once wanted to buy will lag behind in the list of things they need to do.

Retargeting means that once a customer logs into Facebook after having engaged with your website, they will receive ads that remind them about your product and encourage them to continue along the buying journey. What’s more, is that by using data collected from the Product Finder, these retargeting ads will be highly personalized, reminding them about the products that they demonstrated an interest in.

What can it be used for?
  • To create Custom Audiences, in order to retarget leads who have engaged with your website but not completed a purchase.The average cart abandonment rate for e-commerce websites is currently 70%, so this is a vital way to improve your conversion rates. The customer data captured from your Product Finder quiz enables your advertising to be highly personalized to the people who are most likely to take action.


  • To retarget converted customers. People who already have a level of confidence in your company are likely to make a repurchase if you have any upcoming campaigns or new services which could further benefit them. In separating already converted customers, taking into account the interests they have demonstrated in your Product Finder quiz, together with the purchases they went on to make, you can ensure that they do not receive ads for products they have already purchased, or discounts that they have already redeemed.


  • To create Lookalike Audiences, in order to target new customers of a similar profile to those that have made purchases, using the data collected from the converted customers in order to deliver personalized ads to this new audience.


How does it work?
  • Pickzen can be configured to utilize a Facebook Pixel – a piece of code that’s placed within a Product Finder. It tracks certain events such as your customers’ answers in your Product Finder – and uses the data to create Custom or Lookalike Audiences from which you can ensure that your converted customers, leads, and potential leads receive customised advertising.


How do I set it up?

Create a Facebook Pixel using instructions from Facebook Ads here.

  1. Place the base code on the webpage where your Product Finder is placed.
  2. Activate the Pixel for the Product Finder you wish to use, and on each of the relevant slides.
  3. Assign Field Keys for each of the Product Finder answers.
  4. Create a Custom Audience using the official Facebook documentation here.
  5. Determine the filters used to define this audience.


For detailed instructions, refer to our post Facebook Remarketing: Configure Pickzen for use with Facebook Ads