MailChimp Integration

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You can integrate PickZen with the MailChimp emailing service. This way, all leads saved in Pickzen along with its responses will be redirected to MailChimp automatically.

Let’s suppose we have a Survey with these two slides:

To send your leads and user preferences to MailChimp, follow these steps:

1.- Edit the Android answer by clicking on the gear icon and going to advanced where you can set an Answer Key:

2.- Do the same with the iOS answer:

3.- Edit the form slide and set the Field Keys for the Name, E-mail and City fields:

4.- Publish your survey and leave the editor:

5.- Click on the Integrations panel on the left side of your screen and configure MailChimp:

In the pop-up add a new integration and select our survey (named MailChimp Tutorial):

6.- Find your MailChimp API Key in the Extras tab in your MailChimp account:

The page that shows up has your API keys. If you don’t have any key, you can create the first one clicking on the “Create A Key” button. Refer to MailChimp documentation for more information.

7.- Put your API key in the PickZen MailChimp API Key field:

8.- Create a List in MailChimp:

9.- Find your List ID in MailChimp:

The ID is the text in red

10.- Put the List Id in the PickZen List Id field:

11.- Put your field IDs that you defined previously in the Keys field separated by semicolons:

12.- Define your list fields in MailChimp:

13.- Test your survey and check your leads shows up in MailChimp:

Bonus extra: It is also possible to send your leads to a specific group in a MailChimp list. Only add your MailChimp groups (interests) separated by semicolons to your List ID:

In this case, all generated leads from this survey will be sent to “group1” and “group2” in MailChimp.