Sending e-mails to new leads

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If you’ve included a form-type in your pickzen slide requesting an e-mail address, you can send an e-mail to the user upon completion if you’d like, (ie. to thank them for registering, or send them more information by e-mail).

To configure this, click on general settings , go to the Notifications tab and check:

You’ll need to enter an e-mail subject line and body text:

You can also add a body text template optimized for e-mailĀ  by clicking on Add E-mail template.

By default, all e-mails are sent by Pickzen from Pickzen. Typically, you’ll want to configure the reply e-mail so you can receive your user responses.

Conversely, If you want the e-mails to be sent on your behalf, you have to fill in the field Sender. Note that we require your authorization before sending e-mails on your behalf, so contact us before filling in this field – otherwise no e-mails will be sent.

Sending the recommendations

If your pickzen is a product finder and you want to also send the user’s recommendations via e-mail, you have to add a product template to the body. This product template will automatically display each of your products. A product template starts with <!– PRODUCT and end with /PRODUCT –>. When you add an e-mail template using the button mentioned above, a sample product template will also be included.