Sizing alternatives

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To change the sizing settings go to  and go to the General tab:

By default, all slides are configured to have the same height and the content will be adjusted to every device so that it’s fully responsive. This mode is ideal when the slide transition is configured as Move.  If you want each slide to have a custom size, you have to uncheck “Slides with the same size”. In both cases, if you want to change the slide sizes, drag and drop the bottom right corner of a slide:

To make the slides responsive, the slide width will be set to the device width, and Pickzen will adjust the text size. In some cases, as the height will be not modified, unnecessary vertical gaps may appear:

To avoid this problem (although you’ll have slides of different heights) you can use the Auto-height mode:

In this mode, the height is adjusted for every device based on the slide content. For a narrow device:

For a wide device: