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The right product for the right person

Create interactive product finders to guide your customers to the perfect product every time

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Interactive Product Finders

Personalize your customer journey to drive sales and improve engagement.

The Pickzen Product Finder acts like a digital sales assistant that guides your customers through the buying experience.

Start to Cart

The fastest way for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

By asking a simple series of questions, Pickzen educates your customers, converting them from uncertain shoppers to confident buyers.

Seamless Integration

The Pickzen Product Finder is fully-customizable and can be installed on any website or e-commerce platform in a matter of minutes - no technical assistance required.

Simply upload your product catalog and let Pickzen do the rest.

Stop guessing and start asking

AI and other predictive solutions only go so far - nothing can replace the feel of human interaction.

By actively engaging your customers and making them part of the buying process, interactive product finders boost conversion, increase engagement and maximize customer satisfaction.

How does Pickzen help improve your business?

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